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The Endo Sleeve procedure in Antalya, Turkey, laparoscopic is one novel laparoscopic treatment for Gastric Reduction.

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In Turkey, this procedure is performed laparoscopically.


A large part of the stomach is folded and sutured from the outside. 

Thus, the stomach loses a large proportion of its filling volume & only small portions can be taken. 

The Overstitch procedure is a laparoscopic procedure in Turkey, but it is performed by a specialist under general anesthesia in an operating room with all safety measures.


The stomach volume can be reduced by up to 75%.

In Germany, the stomach volume is reduced by about 25%.


The disadvantages of the Overstitch procedure:

If you have a tumor in the stomach, unfortunately you can not see it if it is in the folded area.

You will always be hungry, because the hunger center is not removed, as with the tube stomach, gastric sleeve, or stomach reduction.

This operation cannot be reversed.

If food or drinks get into the clamped stomach, they can not drain into the intestine.


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